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6 votes

Windows Software to constantly record the last X minutes of audio entering the microphone?

You need What did I say?: works on Windows: yes, requires .NET 4.5 constantly records the last X minutes of audio: yes, configurable time span in the background: once configured, the window ...
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3 votes

voip answering machine to email

tSIP: create announcement file (wave S16LE, 8ksps); it must be as long as the longest call voicemail should record as call would be disconnected when file would end, thus it should consist of few ...
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2 votes

Splitting an audio file when the speaker pauses

I would suggest using MoviePy and a variation of this 30 lines of code which does the reverse for video files, (detecting high levels of sound to extract and splice video files to get the highlights ...
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2 votes

Call recorder for Samsung J7 Max

i can't guarantee that it works with your phone but i guess your best chances would be with Call Recorder from axet. it has several cool features: you can choose the source for recording (Auto, ...
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1 vote

Android :: apps to automatically record all phone and WhatsApp call

Boldbeast for phone conversations works perfectly on certain unrooted phones.
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1 vote

Daily Eight Hours of Audio Recording from my spare computer

You do not mention your operating system. So you can use for example fmedia. It runs on Windows, Linux (possibly MacOS too). AFAIK it do not have limitations for recording. It work via GUI or command ...
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1 vote

Automatic transcription software for phone audio recordings

Modern speech recognition requires loads of resources and powerful GPU servers for best accuracy. If you want to run on the phone the accuracy will not be sufficient, it will not handle noisy calls, ...
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1 vote

Trusted Call Recorder for Android

Call recorder for Android (version 25) from records both your and incoming voices. Works on Android 7.1.2.
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1 vote

How can I use my iphone to take inventory without an internet connection?

There is a free ap through Google Play called EpiCollect. You only need GPS chip in phone, no data or cell. It will take location and you can fill in specifics on a menu you set up ahead of time.
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1 vote

Voice recorder for Android with marker support

From what I can see the app Recordense Voice Recorder meets all of your requirements (except battery usage which I don't know, but with the screen off I doubt it will suck much battery.) Even let's ...
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1 vote

Good application for changing voice?

I use Cubase which is good but not cheap. There are GNU projects trying the FOSS equivalent of Cubase that you can look at. Then you can get a plugin and many effects. I think that your question might ...
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1 vote

Incoming call center software

I've been working with Voiptimecloud Inbound call centre software for some time,they specialize in developing inbound, outbound and blended software. By the way, inbound software has lots of benefits ...
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1 vote

Android app to record audio and upload to YouTube as video?

I found that the Android app Spreaker Studio can record an audio voice file and upload this file as a video to a specified YouTube channel: Source:
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1 vote

Channel distortion/noise simulation on recorded audio files

You can use Matlab or its open source alternative Octave. An example of how this can be accomplished in Matlab: Here is the code that I used: load handel.mat % An example dataset ...
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1 vote

My voice is naturally nasal! Is there any app to change my recorded voice?

There is software to do this, but it's pretty expensive. If you're starting off you could get software like Audacity to do some basic audio (voice) manipulation because it's free. Or if you have ...
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1 vote

Android voice recorder that will allow me to save to dropbox

You can do this with the native app, at least you can on the GS5... Just tap the hamburger icon (the three bars) ! to get to your list of recordings and tap and hold the recording you want to upload. ...
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1 vote

Android voice recorder that will allow me to save to dropbox

Try VoiceDrop for Android. Specifically designed for uploading audio voice notes, memos and meetings to DropBox.
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