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Speech Recognition Javascript API that recognizes standard hardcoded words via Probability

Tensorflow, the deeplearning framework by Google, is available in JavaScript. Many things can be done with it, and speech recognition is one of them. There is a very good codelab explaining how to ...
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Is there software or even device what could recognize specific voice and depending on that plays back predefined recording

It sounds like you are looking for Voiceprint or Speaker Recognition capabilities. If you are, you should probably go look at THIS project. I believe that the Microsoft Azure stack has some ...
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How can I use my iphone to take inventory without an internet connection?

There is a free ap through Google Play called EpiCollect. You only need GPS chip in phone, no data or cell. It will take location and you can fill in specifics on a menu you set up ahead of time.
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2024 - Voice / Speech Recognition software - both with and without AI

Whisper is very popular AI-based one right now, with various implementations, such as open source Whisper (Python) or Whisper.cpp. It can use bunch of different models, which can be found e.g. here ...
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what is an offline transcription or dictation app which respects privacy?

I'm not using any such, so I cannot give a clear recommendation based on first-hand experience – but still: taking a look at my corresponding app list for Audio Recording, and knowing that apps from F-...
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How to detect voice/singing in music?

I came across an open source Python project for VAD (Voice Activity Detection) which can be found here. This can be installed by running the following command: git clone https://github.com/marsbroshok/...
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How to detect voice/singing in music?

git clone https://github.com/wiseman/py-webrtcvad From README: This is a python interface to the WebRTC Voice Activity Detector (VAD). It is compatible with Python 2 and Python 3. A VAD classifies a ...
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linux alternative for google-voice-typing

I am also looking for a voice-typing alternative. I came across these two: Mozilla's DeepSpeach, with relative documentation Nerd Dictation, a Python wrapper around the VOSK-API. Here is a demo. ...
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Automatic transcription software for phone audio recordings

Modern speech recognition requires loads of resources and powerful GPU servers for best accuracy. If you want to run on the phone the accuracy will not be sufficient, it will not handle noisy calls, ...
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