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Plugin / Configuration for VLC able to show speed buttons

You can add the speed controls near main VLC buttons through the toolbars editor (drag-and-drop "speed selector" to the toolbar):
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What program can I use on Windows, which is similar to Linux crontab, fcrontab, and jobs can be added with text or json, etc. file?

That program is called at.exe on Windows, and it runs as a commandline app, inside the batch/MS-DOS shell. On Windows at.exe does the same things as cron on Unix, not as at on unix. The Wikipedia ...
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Video/Audio Processing:Adding Second Language Sound To 4k video Through Vlc player Result Into Shaky Sound & Video

You can use ffmpeg to add second audio stream in video. The command will be something like: ffmpeg -i input.mkv -i audio.dts -map 0 -map 1 -c copy output.mkv For more details you can check this ...
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Gratis Windows app to mute all programs but one (like SoundSource for Mac) Mute all applications (SoundVolumeView.exe /Mute AllAppVolume), then unmute one specific (SoundVolumeView.exe /Unmute your_app.exe).
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What's the best software for smooth video playback at high speeds?

This person is saying that they liked the Firefox (Gecko)'s algorithm the most, even compared to VLC.
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Looking for free Bluray media player application alternative to VLC for Windows 10

After looking around I have downloaded and am using the Leawo Bluray player application with Windows 10 and an LG Bluray device and a Viewsonic 1920x1080 display through DVI cable. http://www.leawo....
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VLC remote for Android with huge Play/Pause button

You can do it with MATRIC Android app. It's free when you use it for up to 6 buttons and it's full customizable. Check it out
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How to quickly watch security camera video clips?

Not exactly specialized but I just put them in a folder in win and set to extra large icons. Then I scroll with middle mouse. It works for me.
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Meteorite Matroska / MKV Repair Engine works, but has anyone made something better since 2011?

Yes. There is a fork: Unfortunately, no released any binary files of this Meteorite forked. I personally wanted to compile to EXE that source-codes of this fork....
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