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I've given up using vim for Java Web development some years ago, cause it really needs a lot of tooling support (Intellij IDEA is very nice). I've had more success using vim for developing Grails applications, but I feel that for Java I really want strong refactoring tools. Having said that, if you really insist in using vim, here are some plugins that may ...


I don't know if there's a better plugin to work specifically with imports, but a good bet would be to use the Python-mode ( plugin. It does a lot of things related to coding in python (better syntax highlight, code checking, Pydoc integration, refactoring etc.). It can also auto add and organize imports according to ...


The Vimium C Web Extension by Dahan Gong has been updated more recently than other similar extensions (it was just updated 4 days ago). Description from Mozilla's Firefox Add-ons Site (AMO): Vimium C is an open source browser extension that provides keyboard-based inner-page navigation, browser tab operations, and an enhanced search panel, so you may ...


This may not be the exact "Graphical" file manager that you might have wanted, but your should definitely give ranger a try. It's a VIM-inspired file manager for the console. Although it's console based it has all of the features(even better in my opinion), as you wanted. It is built with minimalism and is vim based in all sorts. You can preview images ...


I like seoul256 and gruvbox, but you can find lots of them here. BadWolf is quite popular, but silimar to the one you showed.


For code completion in Vim, this works splendidly: Vim already has vsplits and hsplits. Uncertain if you could get tabs in the way you're wanting (more of a terminal thing. I'd suggest looking into Terminator Terminal or iTerm 2 or Byobu or sommat). If you're wanting a folder tree try this:


Here is a Vim script to do that: Set the database connection details at line 29. License: MIT


This talk goes over some related tools: vimprint vimsplain vimulator vimspeak

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