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Lightweight contact manager for Linux with import & export feature

Old question but maybe someone needs an alternative. See Evolution. Osmo seems lightweight but it seems not to support vCard so I ended up using Evolution. It is not as "lightweight" as Osmo what ...
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Contact manager for Linux with good support for vCard version 4.0

You could try Thunderbird + CardBook extension. I can't test it with anything, but according to their repository, its features are: Access to all vCard data Supports vCard 3.0 and vCard 4.0 (default) ...
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Matching phone numbers within a vCard or CSV

Microsoft Office 2016 provides the "Spreadsheet Compare 2016" tool (you can find it in Windows Start Menu). It can compare Excel files. So, you can open your CSV files in Excel, save them as .xlsx and ...
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vCard-editor for windows

I was also struggling with a similar issue (I had problems in name encoding, versioning and some additional attributes) and I finally ended up writing my own tool, that is based on: python 3+ TkInter ...
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vCard-editor for windows

You can use Thunderbird with MoreFunctionsForAddressBook addon for this. Another solution is DoubleContact
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