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Since you mentioned "maybe even a command line tool": there is gui.cs and looks like Norton Commander. It's funny to see it in action:


IMHO the real problem is that .NET does not run on all operating systems. That's why we needed Mono on Linux. For a .NET application to work on arbitrary operating systems you would need .NET Core. Problem here: Microsoft does not provide the means to implement a GUI in .NET Core until version 3. With version 3 you get WinForms and WPF support, but those ...


This answer focuses on the data, not on any particular app. You could use the Wikidata Query Service to get started: Pictures of fruit - see Picture captions for Links to Fruit Properties: or #Fruit, with pictures #defaultView:ImageGrid SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?pic WHERE { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q3314483 . ?item wdt:P18 ?pic ...

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