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You can use I have also planed a webinterface to easily inject it on ASP .NET Applications.


I found, through trawling the Microsoft answers page referenced above, this excellent app called Windows Cursor Hider. According to the manual, the app: " a small script written and compiled using AutoHotKey that hides the windows cursor when a user starts typing any alphanumeric (and certain coding-related) characters, and shows it again as soon ...


To do so manually in the Registry: Locate the context menu item in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID, e.g., fro Run as Administrator: You will likely need to take ownership to make any change to that key. Add a DWORD value, flags. Set the value to 0 to put it in the Rename section of the context menu. Set the value to 1 to put it in the Send to section of the ...

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