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Take my Google Maps timeline data as input, and output a map showing where I've been + all the paths I've taken

You can export entire Location history via Google takeout (select KML as output format). Next I will recommend to convert KML to GPX the location file (I use GPSBabel). Then you can use GPX Editor and ...
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1 vote

Decoding airline fare basis codes

jcaron pointed to Expertflyer: You can use a site such as Expertflyer to look up fare rules. This is part of the premium subscription, but you can get a 5 days free trial. Go to fare information, ...
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1 vote

Travelling Salesman Problem solver?

OptaPlanner (java) and OptaPy (Python) both support TSP (as well as more advanced variants). See the TSP example in optaplanner-examples and the youtube video that demonstrates it. For openstreetmap ...
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1 vote

Passport photo editor (to take passport photo by myself)

Maybe you can use a second app like background eraser?
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