Jakaroma does this, and it is based on Kuromoji which is much better at kanji transliteration than Kakasi and even Mecab. 100% Java Open source: Apache 2 license Size: 11 MB Transliteration quality: High Disclaimer: Maintained by me.


Kakasi Java does exactly this. It also includes a command-line tool so that you can easily try it. 100% Java Open source: GNU-GPLv2 license Size: 3.2 MB Transliteration quality: Poor Disclaimer: Maintained by me. Note: Mecab is more accurate at guessing pronunciations but is not 100% Java unfortunately.


You can find the current ASCII-based Arabic transliteration methods here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanization_of_Arabic#ASCII-based None of them does what you are asking for. Are you sure there are enough alphabetic letters for mapping all Arabic symbols? If you are, it seems you need to come up with your own transliteration scheme. If you come up ...


Google Translate is actually capable of this. For higher quality translation, you are, of course, going to need to hire a professional translator.


Mecab is pretty accurate for this. It is open source. Installation On Ubuntu 2015.10: sudo apt-get install mecab libmecab-dev mecab-ipadic mecab-ipadic-utf8 Yes you ned all of these packages, the mecab package alone won't do. Usage echo 東京特許許可局 | mecab 東京 名詞,固有名詞,地域,一般,*,*,東京,トウキョウ,トーキョー 特許 名詞,サ変接続,*,*,*,*,特許,トッキョ,トッキョ 許可 名詞,サ変接続,*,*,*,*,許可,...

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