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2 votes

Translate the text in my clipboard into another language

Not 100% what you're asking for, but I think having more control is better in case you copy text that's not supposed to be translated, like code. Anyways, Crow Translate has an option to translate ...
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2 votes

Translate GUI from another language?

Gratis solution: You can take a screenshot of the GUI and upload the image to or some other image translation service. Not efficient if the text in the GUI often changes, ...
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2 votes

Non-stop voice to text translation for Zoom meetings

You can try out Hintscribe. Hintscribe is an AI Meeting Assistant and Transcription tool that can transcribe entire system audio so it doesn't need any bot joining the meeting. Transcription is free, ...
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1 vote

Translate the text in my clipboard into another language

Babylon From their site: Babylon translation software helps you understand the world. You can instantly translate any word that appears on your screen, while also receiving dictionary and Wikipedia ...
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1 vote

Non-stop voice-to-text translation

If you have Android 11 and better ( or iOS 13.7 + ) try xrai app, I do not know Chinese, but with Indo-European languages the interpretation quality and speed is decent, and the delay is tolerable. ...
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