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3 votes

Android app for personal time tracking with projects, tasks and timers

I've evaluated and finally purchased Xpert-Timer Time Tracking, as it fits all my requirements: Each task has it's own time/activity tracking called timestamps. Timestamp consists of start time, end ...
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2 votes

Is there an app that can read the clock out loud on a smart TV?

I checked and found this: TellMeTheTime App Im not sure if it's what you are looking for.
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2 votes

Timer GUI utility

If you're using XFCE4, there's a panel plugin which has this functionality - sort of. It's for taking "breaks" every fixed amount of time. So if you want to wait XYZ minutes, set the time between ...
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Which free program(s) for Windows can show how much time you spent today on each application?

I have to keep track of different tasks for different clients and sometimes forget to manually log the start and end times. I use ActivityWatch to automatically keep track of software and web sites ...
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1 vote

Resettable reminder application for Android

I found what the feature I'm looking for is called. It's called "flexible recurrence". One application which supports it is Todoist. Unfortunately, it requires Google account to use, so it ...
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1 vote

Software that can automatically shut down/hibernate my computer

Ok, I've implemented Shutdown with warning, because sometimes I have the same issue and I need to prevent my son from gaming until midnight. The software shuts down the PC (via shutdown -s -t 0 and ...
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1 vote

Timer on notification slider for Android

Try Brain Focus - The creator is pretty cool. It 'has pause/play button functionality on the notification slider without the need to switch to the Application window itself.'
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1 vote

Can you recommend an URL shortener, where the short link dies after a given time from the first click?

How about this one? Check Picture1: Expiration date and time settings on (formerly
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1 vote

Interval Timer for Windows

This question would benefit from a bit more detail about what windows version and what the app does (or do you expect us to download it, run it and work out all its functions before we think of a ...
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1 vote

Simple interval timer for Android

you can use this app : Alarm Clock with Missions & Loud Ringtones -Alarmy
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1 vote

Android app to track time a child spends on a tablet?

I'm using Digital Wellbeing on my phone to keep track of time spent on apps, and also set the time limit on each app. I have the latest Android OS, so not sure if it will work with your tablet.
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1 vote

visual presentation timer with segments either for MacOS or online

Online-Stopwatch Free Online - web based You can use the small version, or the full-screen version. Demonstration: Note that the blinking red is at the beginning and end of each segment, and it ...
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1 vote

Create long-term time-lapse photos of subdivision construction site using an old iPhone?

Do a google search for 'use your old iphone as security camera' This gives you motion detection. and 'iphone time lapse' Your problem will likely be finding an app that will run on the older phone. ...
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1 vote

Timer GUI utility

Alarm Clock runs on the Openbox window manager, among others: Alarm Clock is a fully-featured alarm clock for your GNOME panel or equivalent. It's easy to use yet powerful with support for ...
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