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A tool/add-on to add text-shortcuts (canned text) to thunderbird

AutoHotKey will allow you to create canned text that can be used across applications. From the websites blurb: Expand abbreviations as you type them. For example, typing "btw" can automatically ...
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What are some good Windows email clients?

BlueMail: free for personal use, proprietary and support for any protocol, offline-use, nice UI, multi-account support; excluding Thunderbird import (which is not listed in its feature page, but it ...
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Strips away all HTML tags from emails in my inbox (thunderbird)

Not a Thunderbird-plugin-, but a command-line based solution: You can also try a combination of xmllint and xidel (a powerful xpath2 query tool): (There are many variations of how to do this) cat /tmp/...
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email client with snooze functionality

It looks like updates to mailmindr are now being posted to the official website. See here: https://twitter.com/mailmindr/status/1122932917334892545 And here: https://mailmindr.net/en/download.html
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Batch attachment extractor add-on for Thunderbird

I would recommend AttachmentExtractor by Andrew Williamson: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/attachmentextractor/ Although it is a really (as in really...last updated in 2011 and ...
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How to recover mail server from POP3 mails?

I don't think if there could be any solution to this. IMAP account takes a copy of emails to the locations configured. However, POP accounts simply moves them permanently. Deletion is therefore ...
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Thunderbird add-on to delete Russian emails

You can integrate SpamAssassin with Thunderbird (see e.g. Junk Mail Controls in the Mozilla knowledge base). There are several articles on how to configure Thunderbird to use SpamAssassing tags: ...
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Thunderbird plugin to get addressbook/contacts in synch with Tine 2.0

The Cardbook addon completely replaces Thunderbird's built-in address book and provides support for CardDAV. I have not tried it with Tine but it seems to work well with my Radicale server. Assuming ...
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