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Are there any good tools with GUI for pdf/djvu tagging and searching by tags?

I tried a few years ago with, it didn't work for me because I have the collection well organized, but if you have your pdf's disorganized it might work. Peter
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Most accurate face recognition and tagging on 40.000 JPGs?

Here's two I've used with reasonable success. You can try them and see if they do any better for you than Lightroom does: TagThatPhoto: - subscription $19 to $59 USD per year, but ...
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Tag MP3s using (user-specified) CDDB Disc ID

Turns out Mp3Tag does the job easily.
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Image Labelling Application for Deep Learning

There is a list of annotation tools that seems to be relatively well maintained here: I haven't tested them all, but my favourites so far are deeplabel (has ...
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