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Looking for Scala or Java library that supports symbolic algebra and step-by-step symbolic solutions

You can use the Symja - Java computer algebra and symbolic math library. In this github repository you can find some (older) symja_scala_examples how to call it from Scala
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A software to help learning abstract algebra

SageMath is an open-source mathematics software system that integrates various mathematical software packages. It includes functionality for algebraic computations, group theory, ring theory, and ...
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1 vote

Geometry software that calculates algebraic formulas

I think the best software for your needs is indeed Geogebra, I personally prefer the classic web version. Geogebra is like... the most user-friendly graphing calculator that I can found; other ...
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Software for algebraic computation with geometric objects?

Not sure if it helps but these software seem interesting. Don't know if they work with irrational numbers and a sphere. polymake polymake is open source software for research in polyhedral geometry. ...
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