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A static analysis tool for C/C++

You can try CppDepend, it can report you what you want and you can customize its cqlinq queries to query as you want the codebase.
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Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tool for JavaScript

I think sonarqube could be a nice fit. It's meant to integrate with CI and spots certain security problems in javascript.
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Static code tester / analyser for Angularjs

Angular-lint I would look into Angular JS Linter, it should be what you're looking for. It's basically a set of ESLint rules to lint source code that uses the angular framework. Note that this ...
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GRATIS MISRA checker for C

If you are developing Open Source projects then Coverity Scan is available free but if you are developing closed source code then you will have to pay for a licence. Coverity performs a wide variety ...
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Static Analysis tools at method/function level?

Many linters are available, and usually report at the method/function level. A couple that are worth looking at for Java are: Lint4j from jutils Checkstyle PMD FindBugs It might even be worth ...
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A tool to create diagrams of control flow of Python programs

I feel slightly guilty here for just capitalising on @MawgsaysreinstateMonica 's comments, which gives most of the answer, but I thought I'd just formalise it for another reader's benefit. Install ...
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Abstract Syntax Tree and Control Flow Graph Generator Tool for C++ source code

My company's product, the DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit, and its C++ Front End, can do this. The front end link shows renderings of example ASTs as well and control data flow graphs. It handles ...
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C/C++ Static Analysis - Tool to show header used in statement or line

You can try CppDepend to get all the methods called by a specific one with the location of each method called.
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Static C++ Api coverage tool

Depending on your platform you may go the route of using the link interface. a) Your tests will import symbols. That's the used API. b) Your software will export symbols. Substract a) to get unused ...
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