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3 votes

Firefox extension to use multiple Stack Exchange accounts

As of Firefox 57 AKA Firefox Quantum, installing the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension (developed by Mozilla) will allow you to use multiple accounts for Stack Exchange and other websites, ...
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3 votes

Where can I find a private Stack Overflow with a Knowledge Base feature?

You need . I am using that for my business website QA section. It is free and open source.
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2 votes

Subscribing a Gitter Chat / IRC channel to receive Notifications of all new questions of a Tag on Stack Overflow

StackOverflowGitterNotifier.jl Here you go, I made this specially for you. It posts in to the activity side bar on gitter. Note that depending on how you are syncing IRC and gitter this may mean it ...
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2 votes

Browser extension to allow copy-and-paste picture insertion to a Stack Exchange question or answer

This is now implemented natively in Stack Exchange: GIF from linked Meta post:
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Alert when an SE question gets reopened

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a website that lets you connect services and websites together. Each StackExchange post has an RSS feed. Use that as an input to your recipe. You'd have to have separate ...
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