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Tool to test SSL performance

openssl has a s_time subcommand whose manual states: openssl-s_time, s_time - SSL/TLS performance timing program The s_time command implements a generic SSL/TLS client which connects to a ...
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Offline HTTPS test?

If you have a Linux machine in your local network (or if not, just set up a VM – or use the provided Docker file to generate a Docker container), you could take a look at – which is a ...
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Tools to intercept and tamper SSL/TLS communication

Check out TLS-ATTACKER ( developed by the Ruhr University Bochum It is able to send arbitrary protocol messages in an arbitrary order to the TLS peer, and ...
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Windows HTTP to HTTPs or Secure Proxy

I found a solution to my proplem: I use nginx as a proxy server. Here is my conf file: worker_processes 2; events { worker_connections 1024; } http { sendfile on; #https proxy ...
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self hosted website, trival ssl certificate installs

The EFF has solved this for you with LetsEncrypt - What I do to use LE on my self hosted servers (well, Linode VPS... but I have root access, etc) 1 - install the ...
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SFTP to FTP reverse proxy

You might try the mod_proxy module for ProFTPD; it supports forward and reverse FTP proxying, with FTPS support on frontend and/or backend. Full disclosure: I'm the author of ProFTPD and mod_proxy. ...
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Are there any tools to check for 'untrustworthy' certificates?

sigcheck -tv, then sigcheck -tuv (sigcheck is freeware portable utility by Mark Russinovich), then, maybe, run RCC (I don't know, can we trust in their developer or no, besides, the source code is ...
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1 vote

SSL socket Server tool for windows

Assuming you mean a websocket server, I would recommend using Node-Red. This is a Node.JS based visual flow-based tool originally designed for IoT work. It fully supports websockets. As well as the ...
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