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reCaptcha alternative

Securimage, or is a great alternative that I recently found. Although I have not experienced its effectiveness. It is entirely self hosted open source, and runs in php and ...
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Simple CAPTCHA for AngularJS

Check Visual Captcha which is self-hosted and supports AngularJS. Check this for supported front and backend Update [31-03-2021]: This project is not actively developed anymore.
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Is there an additional method to check for human interaction alongside google reCaptcha?

You could additionally add a honeypot. This is a "trap" for bots. For example, a text field is hidden for real users, but it is visible for the bot and it fills it. If the field is filled in,...
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Best Android app for blocking malicious/spam calls

was just chatting with a friend on this topic, found this question while researching. dropping my notes below since no answers. hopefully this will trigger more input. :) Android did have a system ...
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Captcha or other tool to check for human user

"Nocaptcha Recaptcha" (now called reCAPTCHA v2) and Invisible reCAPTCHA work the same way in the background. The only difference is that reCAPTCHA v2 uses its own button, while Invisible reCAPTCHA ...
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Android "AdBlock" for spam phone calls?

TrueCaller, the top pick for Android, is available for iOS, too. Truecaller: Number Search & Spam Identification by True Software Scandinavia AB We started off as ...
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Thunderbird add-on to delete Russian emails

You can integrate SpamAssassin with Thunderbird (see e.g. Junk Mail Controls in the Mozilla knowledge base). There are several articles on how to configure Thunderbird to use SpamAssassing tags: ...
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Gratis bulk email sender software to use on Windows 7?

There are numerous tools that can do the task of sending the mails from your list including Access or Python. The one thing that none of them can do is straight to the recipients inbox as that is a ...
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