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Want to make a slideshow with prerecorded audio

If I understood correctly what your need is, this can be easily done in PowerPoint. To Add the audio file to the slideshow: On the Insert tab, select Audio, and then Audio on My PC. In the file ...
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Linux program for viewing images like Irfanview that can open in a new window

Have a look at geeqie, which has a lot of installation options (repos, flatpak, etc). I am not sure about your "open thumbnails in new window" requirement, Maybe it is the following feature: ...
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Seeking recommendations for a computer program that enables conversion from a Libre Office Impress slideshow to an .mp4 video?

Not truly converting but you could potentially set VLC (or OpenCV & its python bindings) to record (one of) your screen*(s)* as detailed here. Then play through the presentation, full screen on ...
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Construct slide deck from screenshots of slides

A screen capture program such as SnagIt can be configured to capture a specific area of the screen (user defined) and save it to a user-defined folder, while prepending a user-defined filename with ...
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How to reduce frame rate of animated gif? has an option to reduce framerate (Remove every 2nd frame or every 3rd frame).
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Windows program for photo slideshow

IrfanView ( is a free (as in beer) program that can do slide shows both in random order or according to a list. Viewing time can be set, too. Alternatively, use keyboard or ...
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Manage MS Powerpoint slides

Have a look at Zoom. So far it reliably imported my 1200 slides it works offline. I checked that by denying Internet access via the Windows Firewall. it's a $89 one time price, which might be ...
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Automatic photo slideshow creator (like "BlackBerry Story Maker") for Windows

Wondershare Filmora may be the closest candidate you're looking for. Filmora Video Editor is an easy video editing tool for users to create professional-looking videos. It comes with multiple ...
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Efficiently sorting photos into directories while viewing them in a fullscreen slideshow?

Digikam can do what you want, actually... it is a really powerful software. You just need to create one album for each target folder, then right click on a photo and select move to album. You can ...
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Efficiently sorting photos into directories while viewing them in a fullscreen slideshow?

I would use Shotwell for this kind of task. Just as described in the link, It can organize your photos according to tags, dates and folders. When I used it once, I copied all my photos from and old ...
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Framework or CMS to build e-learning webapp

Moodle is a "course management system" that seems to fit your purpose. Plugin to integrate web presentations (based on reveal.js) Creatinge multiple choice questions is an established feature of the ...
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