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screen recorder that saves incoming audio

You can use a WebCam Recorder, installation and use of this program makes it one the favorites because it allow the use to record high quality videos, crystal clear voice recording and a very powerful ...
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Free software for recording Skype session on Linux

OBS should do exactly what you need. It's designed for streaming but it also works for screen-recording and can be set to record a specific window which, if i recall correctly, will mean that it can ...
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Cheapest solution for phone number with automated message

It seems like MagicJack™ may prove to be useful to you. The standard installation involves a device connected to the internet (small box) getting power from a USB connector. That connector either ...
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Software for virtual meetups in clusters is pretty perfect match here. It supports virtual meetups in clusters, with video, audio and chat implemented.
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Software for virtual meetups in clusters is built on similar ideas, though it is designed for work and classes, not for meetups: there is no continuous space where people walk around with others' voices fading when ...
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Software for virtual meetups in clusters is based on these ideas. It doesn't have webcam support, though likely it's a matter of time as it is open-source:
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Child surveillance and monitoring of Internet use

I use Qustodio for my boys at home. It blocks apps that you do not want them to use, you can set time allowances, block questionable content etc. I get a daily report via email of the previous days ...
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Child surveillance and monitoring of Internet use

Coming from experience with quite a few web blocking systems, one of the best I've seen is called K9 Web Protection. It has a quite a few features that make this program awesome. Backed by Blue Coat ...
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Software to automate a phone call, send DTMF tones, and transcribe the responses

For Python, you can use PyAutoGUI (works on Windows, macOS, and Linux). A Python module for programmatically controlling the mouse and keyboard. You can use locate functions to find specific ...
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