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Universal shopping account?

If the merchant supports it PayPal gives exactly what you are looking for with the advantage that the payment method is not shared with anybody - much safer. You shop for something Click on Pay with ...
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Shopping List - multiple stores optimization

Even though it's not specifically designed for this, TickTick will do what you want. Simply use tags to specify which stores an item is available at. It does not have any functionality to meet your ...
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Simple online shopping site in PHP

I have heard good words about litecart. It's simple it runs in PHP, HTML5 and jQuery and seems to have faster files and database table to manager than the most common eShop Packages. Have a look ...
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Multi vendor marketplace script/framework/saas to fit my need

Another approach, which I also use myself for an installation, is to use commerce marketplace which is a drupal module (open source framework/content management). To quote: Module package providing ...
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Multi vendor marketplace script/framework/saas to fit my need

It's hard to know if a particular solution fits those needs, without actually setting it up to test. However here is a link where someone had a similar question, and they found a solution to setting ...
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Shop software for a very large shop

SAP Hybris Commerce Disclaimer: I am working for SAP From Hybris perspective 35 000 products is a small shop. Hybris can do everything you want and through extensions you can add functionality. But ...
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