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So, you have several options here, depending on if you're "just" looking for VOIP or if you're also looking for Video Chat. I've listed a couple, but there are likely to be MANY more options. For video chat, I've used Jitsi, which, when checked today (2021-03-02) has a self hosting guide on their Github repository.


If you are looking for disposable inboxes, try If you are looking for disposable addresses, try Both are open source and can be self-hosted.

1 is very similar to the sites you mention, and the core of it appears to be this open source project: It's not a turnkey solution, but it could be a good start toward building your own version.


I am not sure what your requirements to disposable are, but you could have a look at the dockerized version of mailcow. It contains everything you need for a mailsetup.

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