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searching for http upload server on github i found Tallguy297/SimpleHTTPServerWithUpload successfully tested on python3 unknown support for uploading large files will listen on all interfaces by default, allows to set --bind <host> <port> on CLI jfalken/s3_https_upload_portal meets the "Stores files on Amazon S3" criterium more ...


While a bit bloated if the only thing you want is uploads, I eventually used Nextcloud for this; You can do this in nextcloud by creating a folder and setting up a share link for that folder with the permissions set to "Upload only" or "Edit". Zooming out a bit and not technically answering the question, sending files can also be ...


Try Wordpress + woocommerce for detailed display of items.


This suggestion does not address all requirements, but as it addresses most I'm posting it as an answer. JabRef with a shared Postgres/Oracle/MySQL database and a network storage (both on a self-hosted VPS) is an option. I've listed how it address the requirements below: Has a native Android client - unfortunately not. Has free (gratis) options to extend ...

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