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Just pressing ⌘+S in Terminal already saves the complete output to a text file. It does not preserve colours though. See below for a short output example. Last login: Thu Oct 14 19:42:28 on ttys000 gerwin@Gerwins-MacBook ~ % pwd /Users/gerwin gerwin@Gerwins-MacBook ~ % cd / gerwin@Gerwins-MacBook / %


You can try Snagit. From their site: Snagit lets you quickly capture your screen, add additional context, and easily share with coworkers.


I can advise you on the Movavi program In this program you will do everything that you need, here everything is simple and easy, very light and simple interface!


I get a partial answer from ShareX's solution on GitHub: I have tried add date taken for jpg using exiftool as follows. exiftool -overwrite_original '-DateTimeOriginal<FileCreateDate' DIR Thus one trick for doing the task using ShareX is through After capture tasks -> Perform action, with exiftool and arguments as follows. "-overwrite_original&...

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