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is there a remote software with one time link for my clients?

Chrome Remote Desktop seems to do exactly what you are looking for. You would just have to install a Chrome extension to allow others to connect to your computer, and there is no need to install ...
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Screen sharing through a browser (like Google Meet) with remote control, on Linux, without additional software

Also Zoho Assist has this funcionality. It has two flavors: Remote Support and Unattended Remote Access (but the client needs an installation for it). And lot of features: File transfer Instant Chat ...
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App for remote control

I used to use Airdroid. It had a nice interface for viewing texts, ringing/locating a lost phone, and even (if you were on LAN or paid for premium) turn on the camera.
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Remote Desktop Software Recommendations

RealVnc does all what you want. It can be set up in server-less mode, and it can be installed even as a windows service, making it running even on a login screen. Easy setup: well, that is relative. ...
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Remote Desktop Software Recommendations

TEAMVIEWER meets all your needs, you can use it on LAN and Internet. The menu is very, very simple and clear. There is also a trial version.
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Video player with external control?

it took a while, but i solved this. i tried a bunch of different solutions (html5, processing, max/msp) - but all performed terribly slow and choppy. fluent shutteling is a lot about caching and ...
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