There is a free SSHFS implementation for Windows here. It doesn't appear to be related to Dokan. It is generally paired with WinFsp, which can be thought of as FUSE for Windows. Both of these are actively maintained as of this writing.


Personally I have a work laptop and home laptop on my home desk with a single large monitor, ergonomic keyboard and mouse. I use a KVM switch to toggle between the two as: It is not at the mercy of a setting that the work IT admins might decide to change at any point in time. No need to install any software onto the work laptop Minimal cost (you can get a ...


Viscosity seems to do the trick. I just can't manage how to import a .rcf file from SonicWall. However I succeed to have 3 simultaneous connection with Viscosity thanks to the Split DNS option a priori. In fact I had to deactivate DNS mode.

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