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the right pdf converter

even I had suffered the same. adobe pdf reader does fail to copy the symbols to doc. i used Nitro later. worked ok but not satisfying yet. Then i used Sumatra. met my needs pretty well. been using it ...
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Is there an open source C++ library to read powerpoint files? Will reading .pdfs be easier than reading .pptx files?

If your question is still pressing, I can recommend LibreOffice SDK. One of examples of how to manipulate slides: ...
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1 vote

Java Library to convert pptx to image

Spire.Presentation for Java library can be used to convert ppt/pptx to images (for instance, jpg, png, tiff, bmp). Apart from conversion, the library also supports lots of other manipulations, such as ...
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1 vote

Powerpoint add-in, that improves navigation across large slide stacks?

I'm not sure it fits exactly what you want, but I'm thinking of 1 add-in that I find helpful for managing large decks, called Power-user. There is an Agenda builder that allows to navigate easily ...
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Read powerpoint .ppt file

Too long for a comment, so I will post as an answer, although it is not exactly what you ask for, parts of this should be acceptable. If you do not get a solution, which seems likely, because MS ...
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1 vote

library or program to convert ppt/pptx files to odt files

Open your PPT/PPTX file in LibreOffice Impress. Export it to HTML. Optionally, import the HTML into LibreOffice Writer. You can also perform the conversions from command-line using headless ...
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1 vote

Interactive presentation / E-Learing software

I you'd like an open source alternative to PowerPoint / Office: LibreOffice is a powerful office suite – its clean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash your creativity and enhance your ...
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1 vote

Manage MS Powerpoint slides

Have a look at Zoom. So far it reliably imported my 1200 slides it works offline. I checked that by denying Internet access via the Windows Firewall. it's a $89 one time price, which might be ...
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1 vote

Update Power Point slides from SQL data in real time

You can try "Intelli Power Point": It displays the slideshow after replace the keywords in your powerpoint PPT file by your SQL query result, and keep update ...
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1 vote

Non-proprietary Presentation / Vector Graphics Animation

LibreOffice Impress has the following features: Free, Gratis & Open Source Cross Platform (Windows, OS-X & Linux) Just about all of the power of PowerPoint Export as html with a choice of ...
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