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Browser addon that aids avoiding sites with excessive use of third party cookies, tracking etc

Have you ever used uBlock Origin and its (unfortunately no longer developed) companion uMatrix? I cannot imagine browsing without them. Depending how strict you set them, they can block everything ...
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WordPress standard text plugin

If you are trying to insert fixed text with some variables (fields) take a look at "Post Snippets". I use it to create a standard header for some posts. It allows me to merge text to variables ...
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Is there something that can automatically align the equals sign (=) characters in text files?

As usual - Unix shell utilities to the rescue! Specifically, column: $ column -t thomas = "train" harrypotter = "wizard" roger = "rabbit" thomas = "train&...
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Is there something that can automatically align the equals sign (=) characters in text files?

Just install the "Terraform and HCL"-Plugin from Jetbrains. It also supports syntax highglighting and much more features. After you've installed it, open your file and press "Ctrl+Alt+L&...
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Is there something that can automatically align the equals sign (=) characters in text files?

Smart Align is a PyCharm plugin which does exactly that. Just, Windows & Linux Click into the file Ctrl + a Alt + ⇧ + - Mac Click into the file ⌘ + a ⌥ + ⇧ + - Done
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PDF reader which has a Next/Previous button for viewing multiple files in sequence

IrfanView with plugins installed reads .PDF and has exactly those buttons; loading is also very fast; you can zoom in and out with Ctrl+MWheel can also keep zoom and scroll position (available from ...
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Firefox Quantum extension that will stop links from opening in new tabs

You could certainly do this with a short JavaScript such as for (var e of document.getElementsByTagName("a")) {delete e._blank; delete e._new;} but it might be too slow for pages with lots ...
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WordPress plugin for forms with a (hand-drawn) signature field

Contact Form 7 is a free plugin to create forms. By default, the contents entered into the form are sent via e-mail to a configurable address, however, it appears like it is also possible to add ...
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Rich Text Editor with extra or external plugins support

You can try Syncfusion Angular RichTextEditor Syncfusion offers a free community license also. https://www.syncfusion....
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Subscribe to YouTube channels without account

newpipe does not required an account and you can migrate our subscriptions over from YouTube but is only available on Android
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Plugin to save and execute code in Chrome browser

Install a user script manager, e.g. the Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey plugins, and check out their script-repositories such as For example, I use the "all [Heise forum] comments on ...
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Visual Studio extension to detect similar C++ code

Yes, Visual Studio Enterprise offers Code Clone Detection out-of-the-box. So no need of VS extension but a paid Enterprise license is needed.
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Position of points where color changes in image transect

(Since there is already more than one hint, I am moving the comments to an answer): I think this is too specific for a plugin - and has a major problem in that in a "real world" image, like ...
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Wordpress plugin to sell physical courses

you should have a couple of options for that. should work for what you need but it is a little pricey. You could always try https://wordpress....
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MVN plugin to ignore test in unmodified submodules

This may not answer your question directly. However, I believe you could use the -pl flag to build only those modules that you actually modified. Something like - mvn -pl library1 clean install, ...
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Chrome or Firefox Add On / Extension for editing CSS number values with buttons or scroll wheel

Nevermind. Chrome actually allows both, changing with mouse wheel and with the up/down keys, and Firefox with at least the arrow keys. I simply missed that a double click is reuqired to change the ...
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Select cells in Excel, convert to Markdown, copy to clipboard

I am sure that this could be done reasonably simply using XL-Wings which is an Excel plug-in that allows you to program in python within Excel. You can add a button to run your python code and there ...
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Replace link with another link web browser plugin

Most proxy services do this automatically. If yours does not, I would suggest changing your proxy service instead of installing a plugin to make that one less bad.
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Firefox Quantum extension that will stop links from opening in new tabs

You don't need an extension to prevent links from opening in new tabs. This can be done by setting to 1 in about:config. See:
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