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Publish my Google Play statistics automatically

Far from perfect, but I just wrote a script that downloads your statistics from command line: https://github.com/nicolas-raoul/publish-my-google-play-statistics Drawbacks: Not automatic. You have ...
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Youtube app that consumes minimum data/bandwidth for Android

While the biggest part certainly depends on the video (and especially the video quality/resolution), the official YT app also consumes bandwidth for ads and such. So maybe you want to take a look at ...
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Android app to detach any app from the Google Play Store

This is basically what w͏̢in̡͢g͘̕ed̨p̢͟a͞n͏͏t̡͜͝he̸r̴ suggested in comments earlier but all in one app. You can resign apps with Lucky Patcher (root required). Here are exact steps to tap inside ...
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