You need to be more specific on the requirements. From what you wrote I could say use notepad. But that's probably not what you had in mind. Maybe something like Trello? Or OneNote if you add handwritten stuff/drawings? (of course you can also include images in trello and use paint or something). Maybe evernote? Or just something like markdown? Maybe some ...


Have you take a look at Miro? It's a whiteboard with a variety of template to choose from: just to add sticky notes, make a simple or complex interaction between class or entity or interaction between UI and code behind it, or design your UI... plus: it's collaborative. minus: for free you have just 3 boards.


You could take a look at the iMapping Tool. It is a visual knowledge mapping tool that lets you organize text notes and pictures visually on what could be described as an infinite pinboard (a bit like prezi, or as some users describe it "like Google Maps for Ideas". Items can be nested and interlinked so you can add structure as your collection grows. Some ...

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