I was looking for something similar, and since I could not find it, I wrote a small python script following the principles outlined by rd_nielsen. https://gist.github.com/frederik-elwert/5d0fee06aad946c75ef03084a2684233 You can call it like this: python3 pandoc-merge.py --csv addresses.csv -o merged_letter.pdf letter_template.md In your template, you can ...


You can script Audacity from an external python script (with the output file being separate from the input file so as to provide non-destructive editing) with the scripts being plain text, python, files. There is a huge selection of Audio processing and production software in the Python work some of which may provide what you need. A curated list can be ...


Your requirements, as stated, are minimal. WinMerge will accomplish what you want. Specifically, it allows comparing three text files. It is open-source, with the source code located here. It is freeware and donations are accepted here.

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