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Solve small quadratic programming problem with inequality constraints in Java or C/C++

NM Dev has a number of quadratic programming solvers: Dual ActiveSet Minimizer and Primal Active Set Alternatively, you can reformulate your problem as a Second Order Conic Programming (SOCP) problem ...
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Travelling Salesman Problem solver?

OptaPlanner (java) and OptaPy (Python) both support TSP (as well as more advanced variants). See the TSP example in optaplanner-examples and the youtube video that demonstrates it. For openstreetmap ...
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1 vote

Optimization of regular expressions

I'm quoting this answer by @gpojd on Stack Overflow: If you are using perl, you could use Regexp::Optimizer or Regexp::Assemble. I don't know of any online tools that do what you ask. I have no ...
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Python linear optimization package

I had very good results using lpsolve ( and its Python bindings. I rewrote the interface to the C code in Cython as the one provided is a bit clunky, but overall it’...
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1 vote

Route optimization software

Take a look at OptaPlanner: the VRP example supports CVRP, VRPTW, etc. The optaweb-vehicle-routing web application integrates OpenStreetMaps and provides a nice webui.
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1 vote

Solving optimization problems like "which employees in which office" with constrains and preferences

These are Constrained optimization problems can be furthered classified according to the nature of the constraints (e.g., linear, nonlinear, convex). The constraints on the variables can vary widely ...
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1 vote

Library for finding minima of complex multidimensional functions in C or C++

The library of my choice for this task is Dlib (also on GitHub) The topic Optimization offers several different algorithms for unconstrained and constrained optimization. The highlights in my ...
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1 vote

Is there any free recommended Tune-up utilities/softwares to “Optimize” your system?

This can be rather opinionated as there are a number of methods or approaches on could take. For example, I could suggest Wise 365 as a free option to maintain your system, or you could use the free ...
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Looking for optimization libraries to optimize a matrix

In your place I would unpack the matrix to a vector. From this point, we have a continuous, vectoric, but nonlinear problem. It is nonlinear, because it depends quadratically from x. But it is very ...
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Free IOS 'scan' app

I'm using Scanner Mini from Readdle and I'm really happy with it: It even offers OCR, and it'S really stable for a free ...
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Java Optimization Framework

Since I'm looking for a Java library for quadratic programming (Solve small quadratic programming problem with inequality constraints in Java or C/C++), I've come across some items. I think this ...
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