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Integrating Jupyter Notebooks and MS Teams

I found a workable method. Teams can add a tab for websites so long as they are iframed. That is simple. Just create a html page with this code: <body> <iframe src='http://localhost:...
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Scheduling software to schedule several people into different timeslots

Calendy can accomplish what you're looking for. It allows you send out available times and handles the scheduling for you.
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Why do you chose to not use Microsoft Access to develop applications?

My organization’s experience has been that when we upgrade from one version of Access to the next - and on at least one occasion, when we applied a patch to Access - the saved code in the Access files ...
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Looking for a way to sync/mirror contacts from Office365 to Outlook.com in Outlook 2016 Desktop App

You can use the ReliefJet Essentials for this. Professional Edition provides the command line you can use to run manually or schedule to remove existing contacts on your Outlook.com account and copy ...
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