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Newsletter tool for non-IT person

As I understand it you have the following problems: Time/Workload A need to link to past newsletters from a website Cost Campaign Monitor provide a way to show an archive of past email newsletters ...
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3 votes

Software/service for email marketing

Look into Mail Chimp and specifically at their Free package. You can have 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month for free. No need to purchase anything at all. I have not used any of the ...
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2 votes

WordPress newsletter plugin

I believe I've found a plugin that has all your ideal features called Email Subscribers. It's an open-source plugin that can be easily setup on your WordPress instance. It runs completely locally on ...
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1 vote

Open source blog hosting platform

Try Mastodon. It's basically Twitter, but free as in freedom, open source, and distributed. Word counts and other rules are set by the instance owner. Here's a list of servers/instances. PS: "As ...
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1 vote

Open source blog hosting platform

It's not open source, but Mighty Networks is a social network-as-a-service that allows you to create your own social network, on which your users can post or comment. See Mighty Communities for ...
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1 vote

All-in-one newsletter/digest sign-up, management, and delivery solution

I would suggest you look at Mautic to use as part of your requirements, especially if you are going to put some scripts together. for period emails based on user's settings, see here there are ...
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