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How to make taskbar look identical between two monitors

It would be good to know what version of Windows you are using and how identical you need the taskbars to be. Windows 10 has this ability by default, although I'm not sure if it shows EVERYTHING the ...
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Software to keep profiles for monitor resolution, relative positioning, and font size, for Windows 10?

All of these settings are stored in the windows registry. If you can use google (or etc) to locate these settings you back up the necessary registry keys into different .reg files. Somethings you ...
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Is there a software that can create virtual monitors from a single physical monitor?

Yes it exist. DisplayFusion I believe is the leading software solution for taking 1 single monitor and subdividing it into multiple virtual monitors. These 'virtual desktops' are not to be confused ...
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Software for switching between Mac laptop and Windows workstation using multi-monitor setup

Personally I have a work laptop and home laptop on my home desk with a single large monitor, ergonomic keyboard and mouse. I use a KVM switch to toggle between the two as: It is not at the mercy of ...
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Gratis program to use my iPad as a second monitor for my Windows computer

You can use spacedesk: gratis for personal use requires the computer and the iPad to be in the same network (e.g., same Wi-Fi network) also works for Android good ratings on Play store and iOS App ...
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Dual monitor screensaver engine Windows 10

Try installing picasa from google. Its an obsolete photo editing software that comes with a mighty photo screensaver. You can select folders from your computer and even rss-feeds. the photos will then ...
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How to easily change monitor settings?

I am using the commercial tool Ultramon, which is at ~40 USD for a single license. It has multi-monitor support display profiles with resolution, orientation, color depth, refresh rate, position I ...
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Emulate an external monitor using VNC

This is not exacly what you are looking for but it may help: synergy: move your mouse from one computer to another It's a VNC-based application that will allow you to use the keyboard and mouse of ...
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