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Display the total number of reads and writes for a given disk in a Linux shell

You can use smartctl. smartctl (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a command line utility or a tool in UNIX like operating system that perform SMART tasks such as printing the ...
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I am searching for a software that monitors activity on my computer

The program in the video that you linked to is called Rescue Time Features you requested: tracks which programs I use for how long A.Tracks time spent on applications and websites, giving you an ...
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OS X app to show GPU usage?

At least as of macOS 10.14 Mojave, this is now built-in to Activity Monitor. Choose ‘Window → GPU History’ (or hit ⌘4):
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Track websites for changes

Trackly is worth a look, it will email you an image of the webpage with changes highlighted. Hourly and daily checks available. It works well even with very dynamic web pages using tons of javascript ...
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Getting a notification when a website becomes online

How about this: A simple POSIX compliant shell script. I tested it with both GNU and busybox versions of wget and in bash and ash. It opens a connection every 10 seconds and exits when a connection ...
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Any free APIs or ways to get site status updates?

We use Nagios for simple monitoring tasks: Your requirements: Open Source Can Monitor a site to see whether it is up or not Publish that data to a web interface Presents graphs and statistics More: ...
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Command line or terminal-based dashboard

tmux + config mgmt is definitely a good option if you already have the CLI tools you need to display what you want (tail, grep, awk, gplot, etc.) That said, blessed contrib is an interesting project ...
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Software to monitor Windows API calls on a Windows 7

I'll recommend you Nektra SpyStudio, it can trace Windows API calls and 3rd party calls as seen in the image below. It works great on any Windows, however, I never noticed whether it can trace ...
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Monitor Hardware on Windows

HWinfo can help you. It logs almost every sensor. Every voltage and frequency. Data is from cpu, gpu, motherboard, fans and disks. You can start sensors and logging them to a csv file. Link: http://...
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Server & application monitoring

Java Management Extensions (JMX) The Java platform supplies tools for managing and monitoring. The JMX architecture lets you build in instrumentation to report current status at runtime. That ...
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Simple tool to check that Microsoft (and, optionally, Adobe) software is up-to-date on multiple PCs

Belarc Advisor is a free program which may serve your objective. It does periodic updates via internet definition database, but otherwise does not communicate specific information to the source. It ...
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How to monitor file/folder changes made while offline?

It sounds like what you need is a full VCS, version control system, of which there are several free ones. More specifically you need a, DVCS, Distributed VCS. With such a system each of you would ...
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Free options to MySQL Query Analyzer

If you are looking for something to help you analyze and optimize queries, the two tools that I can recommend most are Percona's PMM and Shattered Silicon's SSM (fork of PMM v1). Both support ...
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Monitoring PCI Express bus usage

I believe this can be accomplished with the Intel Performance Counter Monitor (PCM) tools: As of v2.5 it supports PCIe ...
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.NET Application monitoring tools

@Puneet, with the scant details relating to your specific technology stack and architecture it is difficult to give you a precise answer. But, on a high-level, I suggest you take a serious look at ...
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Automatically upload file

Syncfusion Data Integration Platform is an option to consider. The Data Integration Platform is based on Apache Nifi, so you could also consider Nifi if you need it to be open source. The Syncfusion ...
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Android app the send video over wifi to another phone

You can try IP WebCam Create a hotspot from the "camera" phone. Join the hotspot on the "viewer" phone. Open the app on IPWebcam on the camera phone. Open a browser and connect to the address ...
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Software Access Software

I am sorry, if you have already found a solution to your problem in 1.5 years. But maybe this information will be useful for other users. "10-Strike connection monitor" monitors usage of admin and ...
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How to view log or text files of remote computer in browser?

Your question is a vague, but I think I know what you are asking. You could set up an Apache web server to allow directory listing and set the log files to be in the served directory (default on ...
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Log highest disk-reading process, every second, even on almost-freezed Linux

iotop -bot > ~/iotop.log is a not-so-bad solution. Other solutions are very welcome! It runs as a single process. The -b argument makes it run in batch mode, and output information to the standard ...
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What Kafka UIs and monitoring tools do you recommend?

Xeotek KaDeck is a free Apache Kafka monitoring solution that runs as a cross-platform desktop application or as a web service ("Enterprise edition" only) on your desktop PC or container. Free (but ...
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How to check the CPU and memory usage of an executable?

Process Lasso From their site: Process Lasso is Windows process automation and optimization software. From tuning algorithms like ProBalance to user-created rules and persistent settings such as CPU ...
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Email to SMS Solution?

In github there are several scripts to do that, if you search mail to SMS. They are not maintained but it is something that you could try. If you don't want to code, you could use something like ...
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Software that monitors network bandwidth usage per process 1

NetBalancer will be the suitable application for you. I am using it for years. You can monitor the network bandwidth usage per process with this application.
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Android app to show what apps/processes are currently using data

Since there was no answer posted yet, I decided to include it anyway. Currently the best option of achieving that is using Network Connections as Izzy rightly suggested (and I happen to use the same ...
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Server monitor software for Ruby on Rails

There's a few things you could try. There is a New Relic app for monitoring rails. You could try also (I have found a lot of people moving from new relic to skylight). There's also a way ...
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Mine monitor & simulation system

I am sure that you will not find anything mine specific. All that I can find (for free) is the ZET evacuation tool, but it seems like it meets your needs (so long as we think of a mine as an upside ...
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Open Source Monitoring Tool for Linux Server

My organisation uses Nagios, and at a glance it may well suit your needs. The Core version is free/OSS and it is well regarded in the industry. It comes with various web-based UIs, and can be ...
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Open Source Monitoring Tool for Linux Server

I'd suggest you take a look at Zabbix (, a very powerful open source monitoring tool.
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Internet connection monitoring program

I would recommend WinMTR if you are using Windows and mtr otherwise. While they do not measure connection speed, these programs combine ping and traceroute, so you can see dropped packets and where ...
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