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MIDI to music sheet converter for Linux

There is a music notation program called Lilypond which includes a command line interface and a command line midi2ly converter that will read in a midi file and output a lilypond file. Should work on ...
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Alternative to Synthesia, for MIDI instrument

Since I own a license for Synthesia I could check in "Free play" mode what you want and I think I found the issue: there seem to be many programs that do play notes which are received via MIDI, but ...
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Automatically turn MIDI files into .wav or .mp3

timidity + FFmpeg for MP3 output And for MP3 conversion you can put it together with timidity + ffmpeg: sudo apt install timidity ffmpeg timidity MIDI_sample.mid -Ow -o - | ffmpeg -y -f wav -i - ...
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Free MIDI player for Windows

I found MidiQuickFix java program, it covers all my requirements
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MIDI file player like aplaymidi on Linux (MIDI output, no audio), with more interactive features

I didn't find some program which did fit all my needs, so I wrote a CLI player to remedy this, which has these features: hot reload, even when playing; can move forward and backward; can restrict ...
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Is there any software that can transcribe MIDIs?

I'm not really sure what it is you want to do. You don't have to transcribe MIDI files. You can open them and view/edit the score in many different programs. Musescore is free and open source and ...
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Using keyboard or gaming USB pedals as MIDI sustain pedal

Bome MIDI Translator Pro can translate many input sources (MIDI, keyboard, serial port) into MIDI messages. You'd have to check whether your gaming USB pedal works with it. The Windows MIDI API does ...
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MIDI library for STM32

Here is a github repository for something that should do the trick.
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Program that renders MIDI compositions

I ended up using Garritan Personal Orchestra, which features a standalone program called "Aria Player" that is able to render MIDI directly to orchestral sounds.
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Automatically turn MIDI files into .wav or .mp3

You can use SoundKonverter, which relies on FluidSynth and Timidity++ MIDI engines (you can manually switch between them) for converting MIDI to any audio format (Wav, MP3, AAC, Opus, etc.) https://...
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