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What Linux command-line (or scriptable) email clients support MAPI/HTTP?

I'm surprised your sysadmins have referred you to MAPI as this old protocol (and OWA) has been replaced by EWS as the preferred protocol for microsoft servers. Both of these protocols are hard to use ...
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(web)tools / plugin for Outlook for checking specific words and organize them

The majority of what you are looking for are in Outlook itself, just harder to find in the online version. If you log in and then either select the gear on the top right: Then select "Options" then ...
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Microsoft Exchange delegating access to calendar but not mailbox

While I was typing and continued my investigation I have found what I need I suppose. I am going to try the following: https://www.itsmdaily.com/how-to-set-exchange-calendar-permissions-from-the-...
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Open-source gratis MS-Exchange e-mail replacement

I don't think you understand how some of the packages you investigated work... postfix is pure SMTP. When it receives messages, it passes off to a mail delivery agent like dovecot. A MDA is pure ...
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Open source IT ticket system that works well with AD for authentication

Try OTRS, it is free and open source. Its authentication can be configured to use LDAP, which I believe makes it compatible with ActiveDirectory: https://doc.otrs.com/doc/manual/admin/8.0/en/content/...
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Calendar application for Linux that plays well with Outlook and Exchange and works offline

For a solution that works in 2022, you can install Thunderbird with the following add-ons: TbSync Exchange provider for TbSync That will allow Thunderbird's calendar to sync with Exchange. Both of ...
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