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Fake Virtual Camera and Microphone for Windows

open to using multiple pieces of software to accomplish this task. I'm glad you allow this. For me, this combination of software does the job really well: Open Broadcaster Software plus OBS Virtual ...
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Fake Virtual Camera and Microphone for Windows

Manycam is a virtual webcam, you can provide it with videos, images, audio and has many other features like flipping or mirroring footage, adding effects and so on. I have not used it recently but it ...
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Fake Virtual Camera and Microphone for Windows

Install droidcam's pc driver that will connect to your phone. You don't need to follow through with the android side of things. https://www.dev47apps.com/droidcam/windows/
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Play a sound to the microphone input

Software like Virtual Audio Cable (mirror) creates pair of virtual sound devices connected together. Configure audio player to use "output" device and voice recognition software to use "input" device. ...
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System-wide noise gate or input sensitivity for mic input

Full disclosure: I’m the developer behind Noise Blocker, an app I built to help tackle unwanted noises on VoIP calls. Noise Blocker is a customizable noise gate that allows you to record a sample of ...
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Fake Virtual Camera and Microphone for Windows

A little out of the box but one of the quickest, cheapest & lowest computational load mechanisms to do this would be buy a cheap USB webcam, (you can get them for next to nothing), and place a ...
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Fake Virtual Camera and Microphone for Windows

You may consider using AlterCam program. It works with Windows 10. It installs virtual webcam you can use anywhere. Looks like it can't use static image as the video source, but there are a lot of ...
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I need a software to pass sound into my microphone

A microphone is an input device. Sound that is generated external to the microphone is then transmitted to the storage/recording device. The electronics involved in this device make it a one-way ...
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Calling app that doesn't require sim card and can split ring tone and voice audio on two different outputs

After testing numerous apps I ended up using an app called JusTalk. It doesn't tick the open source box, but it does work as intended. The ring tone comes out of the phone speaker and the conversation ...
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Monitor microphone sound level

Power Mixer is an advanced Windows audio mixer, a complete replacement for the standard Windows volume control. This application lets you easily change the sound volume just by rotating the mouse ...
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