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Windows software to view thumbnail(s) inside JPG files

You can use ExifTool to extract the thumbnail (if any) from a Jpeg Image, (as opposed to generating one from the image data). The command: exiftool -b -ThumbnailImage image.jpg > thumbnail.jpg ...
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Are there any good tools with GUI for pdf/djvu tagging and searching by tags?

I tried a few years ago with, it didn't work for me because I have the collection well organized, but if you have your pdf's disorganized it might work. Peter
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1 vote

Software to Generate Image EXIF Metadata Table / Embed EXIF Data to Images in Bulk

Here is how to create CSV file: exiftool -gpslatitude -gpslongitude -DateTimeOriginal -csv -T <path/to/images> Then you can redirect the result to file and import it in your instrument for ...
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1 vote

PDF Metadata Editor Freeware that can change the default magnification

One option could be to use a Python programming language, specifically PyPDF2 library, that can be used also for writing PDF file's metadata. Inspired by this topic on Stack Overflow, I was googling ...
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1 vote

Looking for an OAI-PMH provider for OCFL

The Open source guide suggests Ginco, koha, openflora and pmb. I would have thought that e-prints or DSpace have something along those lines. If you find nothing that scratches your itch, there is a ...
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1 vote

Library for editing PDF files on an object level with .NET

Metadata can be simply edited, or removed, programmatically using the .NET PDF library IronPDF. // Open an Encrypted File, alternatively create a new PDF from Html PdfDocument Pdf = PdfDocument....
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1 vote

Library for editing PDF files on an object level with .NET

You can change PDF properties by using Syncfusion’s Essential PDF (.NET PDF library). KB: The whole suite of ...
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1 vote

A software to resize, add a frame, custom logo and exif info on photos (mac)

I would recommend using ImageMagick as it can convert and watermark your photos as a batch from the command line. Adding the frame and filter should be possible as well although I'm not sure how ...
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1 vote

Digital asset management for Photography

It sounds like a lot of your desired features are covered by darktable although some are described differently: Cost: Free, Gratis Target Platform: Windows, Mac & Linux Offline: Yes - you can ...
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1 vote

Python library to update PDF metadata

I took over the pypdf and PyPDF2 projects and merged them. pypdf is the way to go. We use the BSD license. We also have docs about how to write metadata from pypdf import PdfReader, PdfWriter reader =...
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1 vote

Compare image metadata

Ok I found a way myself. I updated a script I found online to make it work, and created a powershell version as well. @echo off :: Compare_EXIF.cmd Compare EXIF-Meta-Data V1.6 setlocal ...
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1 vote

Media file metadata editor for OS X

I know this is an old question, but it just came up while I was searching to see what else is out there... I have used kit3 ( to edit metadata in mp3's, and it says it can ...
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