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1 vote

GUI git mergetool for Mac/OSX with dark mode, 3 panels, and allows editing local/remote?

Beyond Compare 4 has color schemes you can import or change, at least for the text (no idea if one can change the color of the toolbar/menu bar, for example. Visual Studio has a tool vsdiffmerge that ...
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Git conflict resolution tool that respects conflict annotations

kdiff3 can handle this. It is a generic diff viewer and merge tool (you can use also outside of any VCS, for example to compare directories content). If using git you can have this in your gitconfig: ...
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1 vote

3-way merge tool for C#/SQL/Javascript development on Windows - BeyondCompare or Kdiff3 or?

You can try WinMerge, an open source differencing and merging tool for Windows. Its recent version supports 3-way File Comparison.
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