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command line ical viewer

Please note that I've not tried any of these so I can't be sure that they will do what you want. I think that calcurse might do the job. ical - An X based Calendar Program - OK so needs x-windows, ...
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Sharing a video in a video conference call

There are various websites that allow you to make a 'room' and watch youtube videos together with your 'room' participants. There is full control over the video in these rooms. This would require you ...
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Time conversion across time zones

You can try It also has a "translate" option. You write the sentence in one time zone, and it translates to multiple time zones. Exactly as you mentioned above. There is ...
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Software for virtual meetups in clusters is pretty perfect match here. It supports virtual meetups in clusters, with video, audio and chat implemented.
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Software for virtual meetups in clusters is built on similar ideas, though it is designed for work and classes, not for meetups: there is no continuous space where people walk around with others' voices fading when ...
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Software for virtual meetups in clusters is based on these ideas. It doesn't have webcam support, though likely it's a matter of time as it is open-source:
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Online Meetings

BigBlueButton. Both Free and free, you can self-host or pay one of several hosting companies to host it for you.
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(Open Source/ Low Cost) Conference Management Software

In addition to Odoo and Osem, check Indico:
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International meeting planner allowing to propose several slots

NeedToMeet is the closest webapp I have found so far, even though it is not perfect: On the homepage, click "Schedule a meeting" Enter any meeting name, "1" is OK Click "Select times" Fill with the ...
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