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Map of Wikimedia Commons pictures

WikiShootMe is currently the most modern tool for this. In the upper-right, click the Layers button and deselect all but "Commons images". Show all pictures that have geolocation attributes on ...
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Ontology backed Wiki for Linked Open Data / RDF?

Not sure if this is still an open question, but TerminusDB might be worth considering. It meets most of the requirements you set and has a console that allows domain experts to easily interact with ...
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Convert PDF files to wiki?

I suggest you perform the following steps: PDF → Word → HTML → MediaWiki PDF to Word There are a few free online tools which perform the conversion with a very good quality. The one I like most ...
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Recommendations for a visual Wikipedia table editor?

Use LibreOffice with the libreoffice-wiki-publisher package. Create or edit your table in Writer, export to MediaWiki format. See also https://stackoverflow.com/a/29469443/1333493
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Mediawiki plugin to add markdown support?

There are some Existing Addons Markdown support, but all are "unmaintained". I used MarkdownExtraParser and worked with some minor bugs.
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Map of Wikimedia Commons pictures

I had the same problem. I wanted to place pictures from wikimedia on a map. I created the map here but it's very basic: https://tbo47.github.io/wikimedia/ I also created a javascript/typescript ...
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To sync a desktop wiki software with a MediaWiki wiki

No. There's desktop software for offline reading (Kiwix most notably) but none for offline editing. It's a hard problem because the editor would have to know about lots of "secondary" pages (templates ...
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API to create entries in wiktionary

There is a Python package called mwclient that should fit the bill. It does support editing and page creation via the page.save(text) method but of course you will need to have signed in with ...
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Code editor, or editor plugin, that can highlight and prettify wikitext

SynWrite (Windows only); CudaText (cross-platform) share the same lexer MediaWiki. Install it using AddonsManager menu. This lexer hilites Mediawiki text as follows: I don't think some app can minify/...
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