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Software/service for email marketing

Look into Mail Chimp and specifically at their Free package. You can have 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month for free. No need to purchase anything at all. I have not used any of the ...
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Software to manage a very long waiting list

Adding the suggestions from above as solutions: From my recollection, I think in Mautic or Phplist, you can manually create contacts with same email. Please search their old forums to see a couple of ...
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HTML designer for generating marketing e-mails

Sender tool can help to create own HTML email design for subscribers and send it to your subscribers. You can use segmentation to send different emails for every product or you can use your data and ...
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Demographic Database or API

Take a look at QGIS & GRASS for a number of APIs for accessing geographic based data and some of the data sources listed here for a number of gratis data sources including demographic information. ...
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Affiliate Performance Dashboard cumulating multiple Affiliate Networks from Australia and World

I'm currently working on a startup for just this purpose: It's completely free during beta so come and check it out :) Unfortunately, I don't have all of your networks connected ...
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