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I think something like canary tokens fit the bill here. See and Thinkst Canary. Also I recommend also posting on infosec for more ideas.


The best solution for proving that someone is illegally accessing your computer is to have some information on there that you can prove is not true and could not have come from anywhere else that the person getting access to it can not resist publishing. This goes back to maps and dictionaries having spurious places/entries so that they could prove that ...


The simplest and least technologically sophisticated way to have something like this is likely an HTML document or an HTML email that links to an external image hosted in your server when opened in a browser. You only need to setup a file server to log the time and IP address of the file access. This requires no scripting and a browser or email app loading a ...


I'd say finding a virus on Linux will be hard (to my knowledge, there are no Linux viruses in the wild). Rootkits are a different thing: booting from a clean medium (e.g. a live CD), and running chkrootkit would come to mind. chkrootkit is a well-known rootkit detector (I've used it in the past, many years ago – hadn't a reason to use it afterwards, luckily)...

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