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Mailing list solution on shared hosting

This is a good question and I'm surprised it hasn't got more upvotes if not answers. Resource Utilisation Many hosting companies seem to dislike Mailman because of resource utilisation issues but ...
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Low-cost SaaS for a low-volume mailing list?

For my various open source projects, I have about 20 mailing lists using Google Groups. I have no complain. Almost no configuration 100% SaaS Free No ads included in the emails Built-in antispam ...
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Is there a web service for email lists?

I think Google Groups and Yahoo! Groups has that feature. I haven't used Yahoo Groups in a long time. You could also research what software this site uses: https://sourceware.org/lists.html
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Event-bound mass mailing platform

I have done just this with Constant Contact. This service can work the way you described MailChimp, although you can also use it exactly the way you want to. You can create a new mailing list, and add ...
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EMS with ability to send recurring emails

Among others, Mailgun, SendGrid, and Mailjet are all used to send emails. They all have template builders, track deliverability, and have an API you can use to schedule emails. It is important however ...
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Are there email services that provide the possibility to create a discussion list?

I'm on a list of that sort that's hosted at SimpleLists. I'm not the administrator of the list, so I don't know all of the capabilities, but at the very least I know that it supports an archive, a ...
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On-Demand Email Delivery

You've mentioned a good few services which i'd have suggested looking at, https://www.mailgun.com/ being one which isn't on your list however and this has a pay as you go pricing policy. So ideal for ...
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Creating mailing lists that can be customized with paid/free options

MailChimp/Campaign Monitor all allow for multiple lists... Two problems it seems: Charging visitors before they are added to a mailing list service You can use something like GravityForms (PayPal) ...
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Low-cost SaaS for a low-volume mailing list?

Please check out our service, Groups.io. We have more features than Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.
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Mailing list service with integrated image gallery

You can use TeamSnap for this. It is a service designed for clubs and similar, providing them with a web presence. You can define access levels, create mailing lists, handle photographs. It seems ...
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Email List / Hosted Listserv / Google Groups / Yahoo Groups alternative

Gaggle Mail is a really simple group email offering. It has: Custom domains Message archive Member subscribe
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Listserv type software to replace Yahoo! Groups

Our local club also has used Yahoo Groups for many years. We have made the switch to Mailster three years ago, which is a discussion list plugin for Joomla. That allows for the two-communication over ...
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