Any question regarding machine learning should have this tag. Learning from data is mainly used for prediction, classification, regression, clustering, decision making.

Main fields of machine learning:

  • classification (supervised learning)
  • clustering (unsupervised learning)
  • regression
  • deep learning
  • recommendation systems (rec sys)


  • Computer vision (e.g, object tracking, gesture recognition) (see: )
  • Image recognition (e.g, face, gait, iris, handwriting) face-recognition
  • Marketing (e.g, churn prediction, individual campaign, dynamic pricing, product recommendation) (see: )
  • Speech recognition (see: )
  • Speaker recognition (see: )
  • Natural language processing (NLP)
  • Music information retrieval (MIR)
  • Bioinformatics bioinformatics
  • Spam filtering (see: )
  • Anomaly detection
  • Automatic auto driving
  • Recommendation system (see: )