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NFC login software

I'm a bit late but wanted to post here as this thread was partially the reason we did it. My company (ISLOG) has such solution since 2005 (before NFC existed btw, known as a RFID logon solution) for ...
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PHP Framework for User Login & Registration

I think that a very good option is Huge Its like most systems opensource and is very easy to get started in even if you are just starting out with PHP. Aside from the very well built code base it also ...
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Login to Windows via a USB key

My USBLogon is another software that fits into your requirements scheme: Free, no ads Simple user interface Locks/Shuts down computer/logs off user upon removal of the USB drive Set-up of an ...
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Universal shopping account?

If the merchant supports it PayPal gives exactly what you are looking for with the advantage that the payment method is not shared with anybody - much safer. You shop for something Click on Pay with ...
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Secure document storage and message system

ITNOA If you want large scale enterprise on-premise solution You can use Skype For Business SharePoint 2016 on premise integration with Lync or Skype for business OneDrive for Business SharePoint ...
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Windows 10 - Sign into multiple accounts on startup

There's a new software GoLogin, which allows to manage multiple accounts at the same time You can try 10 day free trial
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Website Login System - Out of the box

You should be able to use Basic with with the Apache HTTPD LDAP module. There are options for caching results, which ought to mollify your IT department. The Samba wiki -
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login-database - alternative to BugMeNot(.com)?

the only alternatives i found are LoginFinder and Login 2 but on the sites i tested them, all 3 (including BugMeNot) does not work.
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PHP Framework for User Login & Registration

You could look into dreamfactory which has user managment is and api rest focused on app development. It's open-sourced, supports upgrading to new ...
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