The tag 'localization' refers to the task of adapting an application for non-native environments (different countries/cultures) by translating the interface (dialogs etc.) to other languages. For translations of texts, please use the 'translation' tag.

Wikipedia describes the term 'Language Localization' as:

  • the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region
  • the adaptation of computer software for non-native environments, especially other nations and cultures

The tag is meant to be used for exactly this purpose: Software to help you "porting" an application to be "natively" used in other countries/regions. Usually this is done by translating "strings" (the corresonding files are often named strings.xml even) using different tools. Very common tools for this task are Poedit, creating .po files used by gettext, or the Translate Tool used e.g. by the LibreOffice project.

If you rather seek help translating texts like poetry or manuscripts, please use the tag instead.