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Manage iOS and Android app localization/translation

I did some (re)search and came up with the following tools below (sorted by Alexa rating). I will pick five or so and do a little test project with them to see which one works best for my situation. ...
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Translation manager

One main difference between translation management and localization management tools is how existing translations are reused. Translation management tools come with a Translation Memory, a database of ...
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Is there any free API that allows to get the name of the location and the state using the name of the country and the postal code?

What about the nominatim service of the OpenStreetmap Project? Searching for "USA" with Zip Code 90026 (West Los Angeles) yields:
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Any collaborative tool/website to localize an Android app?

Another simple to use and currently free solution is available here: Translations The advantage of this solution is that you can create screenshots using a desktop program. This desktop program can ...
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Firefox add-on to switch a tab's ACCEPT_LANGUAGE

I'm using Quick Locale Switcher for that, and am quite satisfied with it. This addon fits all your requirements, also the implicit one: As below screenshots show, you can configure for which URLs a ...
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Simple PHP internationalization library with administration

I hope not being off topic as suggesting an hybrid solution, based on simple HTML files and using a CMS as a glue. So, one possibility would be using the MODx CMS (Evolution branch), together with ...
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