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If you are strictly interested specifically in WordStar clones, there’s WordTsar. If other “simple” programs are acceptable, you might want to consider a Markdown editor like Typora. I’ve used Typora on Windows, and find it useful, though limited; if you need control over e.g., the font and margins, Typora isn’t for you. I can’t speak to WordTsar; when I was ...


Can I suggest taking a look at FontForge. Cross Platform including Linux Free & Open Source (contribution requested) 32 bit x86 but runs on 64 Supports TTF, OTF and many others It offers a metrics window amongst many other features.


If the goal is data recovery then in-place repairs are not recommended. If you decide to try anyway, first clone the drive using something like ddrescue. This is my fist and final warning ;) Initial notes There is no way to repair a severely damaged file system in-place for the purpose of data recovery! First, if MFT is damaged there realistically is no way ...


Been for many years an infrequent yEd user, I want to add to the list. Here's the diagram from the question, created in a desktop version of and subsequently exported to a PNG (clickable): By the magic of (on export, it allows to embed the original diagram in the file), you can open it in the online editor -- "File" => &...

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