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Data validation library in Python and user defined rules

Python's built in CSV support lets you import a CSV file and manipulate it. You can do this as rows to iterate over (and filter): import csv def filter_file(filename: str): with open(filename, ...
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Is there a library for converting nano seconds to human-readable strings?

Have you checked out PrettyTime library? It allows you to create human-readable, relative timestamps, and very customizable. For usage, you can check out the
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Mathematical expression parser for Java

I did a quick Google search and found some candidates for your problem: Math Expression Evaluator ExpressionOasis MxParser formula4j To me, probably the latter three seem to match your needs. Though,...
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Is there an open source C++ library to read powerpoint files? Will reading .pdfs be easier than reading .pptx files?

If your question is still pressing, I can recommend LibreOffice SDK. One of examples of how to manipulate slides: ...
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Library for programmatically merging, flattening and extracting PDF with XFA forms

The LEADTOOLS PDF SDK Libraries contain extensive form field support, including loading XML Forms Architecture (XFA) files, as detailed in this help topic. (Disclosure: I work for the SDK's vendor). I ...
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C++ library providing generic shared-resource locking wrapper

A little late to this, but anyone finding this thread via Google should know that there is exactly this being adopted by the C++ core library, synchronized_value<T>: The basic idea is that ...
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Template engine / tool that can template out whole directory trees

I once again ended up writing my own which supports all the features I asked for in my question and then some: mondir After I got done writing it, I found out that there are similar projects already ...
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Fast inplace matrix transpose library

In-place transpose for a rectangular m x n matrix in C++. #include <algorithm> template<typename T> inline void transpose(T* A, long m, long n) { if (m<n) std::swap(...
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I need a Java library that simplifies math equations

You can use the Symja - Java computer algebra and symbolic math library. import org.matheclipse.core.eval.ExprEvaluator; import org.matheclipse.core.expression.F; import org.matheclipse.core....
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JavaScript library to create charts and graphs

SciChart's JavaScript Chart supports the following criteria from your OP Provides compatibility with all major browsers including Chrome, Edge, Safari, iOS Safari, Android browser, Opera Has a native ...
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